Nice to meet you, I’m Ana.

A Senior Product/Service Designer based in Europe. I have a background in apps, enterprise software and lean product development.

I have helped companies to create products and services based on evidence and insights. I have built an extensive UX toolkit with my experience working in consultancies and in-house that allows me to understand, communicate and design solutions for complex customer and business challenges.

My Strengths

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 17.36.46.png

Visual communication through sketches, wireframes, maps and prototypes to help teams align and understand better complex problems.


Coaching teams on the value of human-centred design and mentoring designers on how to improve their processes and grow in their careers. I am also a seasoned educator, having taught several classes to diverse audiences.


Practising evidence-based design by using different research techniques and pulling insights from web and app analytics. I believe research is fundamental in order to find the right problem to solve.

My Work

Below you can find some of my work. If you have any questions or want to see samples of other work, please gimme a shout.

Selected Case Studies

Past clients